What can you offer me?

                    Beautiful, Emotive, Creative images - capturing the personality of your children. We specialise in timeless

                    black and white photography, although if you prefer colour that’s fine also.

                    We are happy to photograph you on location in Canterbury, or at our studio on Ferry Road.

How much do you charge?

                    Our Family Portraits range from as little as $300. This includes the studio photography session,

                    and your first print (5x7”). The final amount will vary and depends on your choice of products.

                    Call us now on 982 4624 to make an appointment and learn more about what we can offer you.

What should I wear?

                    Wear clothes you feel comfortable with and that will complement the location of photography. 

                    Please avoid strong patterned (no logos) or very bright coloured clothing. (Unless that reflects you!)

                    If there is a group of you, discuss together your choice of dress for the day.

                    You are welcome to bring along any props and accessories that may help tell a story.

                    Children may need to bring some food/snacks.

How long will it take?       

                     Photography sessions usually last about 1 ~ 1.5 hrs